Wave Connect

Digital Business card

How it works


Wave Connect wanted create a digital business card. The goal of this product is to make networking easier. To make it works, they needed to link the card with a web application.


E-Design intervene and helped Wave connect by Designing, Developing and Maintaining their product. We recently started to track the user behavior and make adjustment in the app using data we collected.


Creating a mobile first application

Before starting designing the product, we first search for competitor, similar product and key value of the product. We were then able to take informed decisions for the UX design. One of those was to priorities the design and development on mobile.

Check the product

Listening to customer feedback

At the beginning the mainly build the application towards B2C. However, the came to the realization that most people that use business cards are company. We learn on from our errors and we suggest build with our client an admin dashboard for B2B. You can learn more about it here :

Image of wave for teams app

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